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Volume 9, No. 4, December 2014, Safar 1436 H




Emulsion Polymerization and Encapsulation of Micro and Nanoparticles within Polymer Droplets



TEM micrographs of (a) Encapsulated water-borne latex particles containing 5.3 wt% CB and (b) Exfoliated water-borne nanocomposite film containing 5.3 wt% CB



Mojgan Mirzataheri

Amir Hossein Mahtabani

Mehrnaz Lotfaliei

Marjan Mirzataheri



JJC, 2014, 9(4), 229-266



Kinetic Study of the Adsorption of Synthetic Dyes on Graphene Surfaces

Graphene (G) and Graphene oxide (GO) were employed in the present study in the removal of two toxic cationic dyes, Basic Red 12 (BR 12) and Basic Red 46 (BR 46), from aqueous solutions. Graphene oxide was synthesized according to the modified Hummers’ method, and characterized by XRD and FTIR. The effect of various parameters such as contact time, solution pH, dye concentration and temperature, were studied. The kinetics and thermodynamics of the process of dye removal were investigated. The results indicate that the kinetics of the removal of BR 12 and BR 46 using G and GO as adsorbents follows a pseudo-second order model. G and GO exhibited high adsorption capacity for BR 12 and BR 46. The dye removal depends thereby on the initial pH of the solution with maximum uptake occurring at about pH=9.



Ramin Shahryari-ghoshekandi

Hamidreza Sadegh






JJC, 2014, 9(4), 267-278

Efficient Three-Component Synthesis of 3,4-Disubstituted Isoxazol-5(4H)-ones in Green Media




Hamzeh Kiyani

Morteza Jabbari

Asiyeh Mosallanezhad






JJC, 2014, 9(4), 279-288



Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Behavior of some L-Hydroxyprolines Dimers for Asymmetric Aldol Reaction




Lo’ay A. Al-Momani






JJC, 2014, 9(4), 289-300