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Volume 2, No. 2, October 2007, Shawal 1428 H




3,3,4,4-Tetraethoxybutyne An Excellent Starting Material for the Synthesis of  Range of Functionalized Compounds




Leiv K. Sydnes*, Bjarte Holmelid, Stig Valdersnes, Myagmarsuren Sengee, and Kjartan Boman

JJC, 2007, 2(2), 105-116

Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Mono- and Bis-Phenylhydrazones of L-Threo- and D-Erythro-2,3-Hexodiulosono-1,4-Lactones for the Synthesis of an Array of Heterocyclic Compounds


El Sayed H. El Ashry*, Kamal F. Atta, Salah Aboul-Ela and Razika Beldi

JJC, 2007, 2(2), 117-124

Synthetic Studies Towards Bis-Heterodimeric Netropsin Analogs

The pyrrole-imidazole template, suitable for the construction of heterodimeric bis-lexitropsins, was prepared from properly functionalized pyrrole and imidazole derivatives.



Naim H. Al-Said* and Khaled Q. Shawakfeh

JJC, 2007, 2(2), 125-132

Characterization and Thermal Decomposition of Indolylidene Aniline Azo-Dyes Derivatives

New heterocyclic azo-dyes derived from aniline derivatives using indolyl aldehyde as a coupler have been prepared and investigated.



Salem  A. Hameed *

JJC, 2007, 2(2), 133-144

A Spectrophotometric Study of the Charge Transfer Complexation of [60]Fullerene with Some Amines

The charge transfer complexation between C60 and 1-methylpiperazine, 1-methylpyrrolidine, 1-methylpiperidine, tripentylamine and trihexylamine was studied in toluene using Uv-Vis. spectrophotometry at 25oC.


Shehadeh Mizyed*, Hajar Tarabsheh and Deeb Marji

JJC, 2007, 2(2), 145-153

Quantum-Chemical Study of Mechanism of Growth of Nanometer-Tin-Particles



Adnan Kodlaa*

JJC, 2007, 2(2), 155-167

Albumin Aggregates: Hydrodynamic Shape and Physico-Chemical Properties

Commercially available BSA and HSA preparations are heterogeneous and contain variable proportions of aggregates. Albumin monomer and oligomers have high degree of hydration, high effective negative charge, and high translational diffusion coefficient, which are consistent with the physiological role of albumin. Albumin aggregation involves weak intermolecular interactions and not covalent bonding. All albumin forms show immunological cross-reactivity. The estimated molecular shape of albumin in alkaline solution as prolate ellipsoid reconciles the two opposing models of albumin tertiary structure.



Ragheb F. Atmeh*, Isam M. Arafa, and Maysoon Al-Khateeb

JJC, 2007, 2(2), 169-182

Separation and Spectrophotometric Determination of Platinum (IV) in Natural Waters, Simulated Samples and Prepared Solid Complexes using  1- Phenyl-4-Ethylthiosemicarbazide

A very simple, highly sensitive and selective spectrophotometric procedure was developed for the determination of platinum(IV).



Amirh AL-Attas*

JJC, 2007, 2(2), 183-197


Emission Rates of Gaseous Pollutants from Motor Vehicles

Average emission rates from motor vehicles in Jordan were calculated using a novel approach and found to be 33.9, 198.4, 1.0, and 0.1 gram per kilometer traveled for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides, respectively with an estimated uncertainty of 10%. Emission rates are found to be dependent on many factors including year of manufacture, engine capacity, and fuel type.



Mahmoud Abu-Allaban*, Ma'amoun Al-Jedaih, Ahmad Al-Malabeh,  Aiman Suleiman

JJC, 2007, 2(2), 199-209