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Volume 14, No. 3, September 2019, Muharram 1441 H



Corrosion and Electrochemical Studies on the Stability of New
Thiacrown Ethers Derived from Quinoline


Ghassab Al-Mazaideh

Muhammad Ashram

Khaled Al Khalyfeh


Mansour Almatarneh

JJC, 2019,14(3), 89-96


Theoretical Study of Zinc(II) Complexes Derived from 2,2-Bis(2-oxidobenzylideneamino)-4,4-dimethyl-1,1-biphenyl




Tareq M. A. Al-Shboul

JJC, 2019,14(3), 97-104

Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to ‎Oxalic Acid by Application of a Square Wave Potential ‎Regime at a Polycrystalline Palladium Electrode



Ahmad Khawaldeh

Mariam Odettalah


Mohammed Khair Hourani

JJC, 2019,14(3), 105-112

Identification and quantification of Jordanian olive oil ‎adulteration with edible oils using synchronous fluorescence ‎and chemometric analysis



Khader A. Al-Hassan

Yaser A. Yousef

Idrees F. Al-Momani

Ahmad M. Abu-Swieliem


Abdel-Qader M. Jamhawi

JJC, 2019,14(3), 113-119

Synthesis and Properties of N1-(indan-4-‎yl)amidrazones Incorporating Piperazines and Related ‎Congeners




Eslam S. Daldoom

Salim S. Sabri

Mustafa M. El-Abadelah

Monther A. Khanfar

Ala’a A. Al-Akhras


Jalal A. Zahra

JJC, 2019,14(3), 121-130