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Volume 13, No. 3, September 2018, Muharram 1440 H




Proposition of a Aew Role for Cytarabine in Addition to Anti-Cancer Feature:                      A Theoretical Study



Pouya Karimi,

Fereshteh Shiri


JJC, 2018, 13(3), 141-147



Wahab A. Osunniran.

 Joshua A. Obaleye.

 Yusuf O. Ayipo.

 Abdullahi O. Rajee.

 Edith A. Enemose.

JJC, 2018, 13(3), 149-157

Complexation Between Viologens and Some Macrocyclic Molecules:  A Cyclic Voltammetry Study

Intermolecular interactions between methyl viologen (MV) and benzyl viologen (BV) with macrocyclic molecules (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8) and Schiff base crown ether (9) are investigated in acetonitrile solution and in the presence of tetrabutylammonium perchlorate (TBAP) as a supporting electrolyte. The formation constants of the charge transfer (CT) complexes between viologens and macromolecules were determined for the first and the second reduction process at room temperature using cyclic voltammetry at 100 mV/s as a scan rate. The redox potential of all complexes (E) was determined and peak to peak separation (PP) and half-wave potential (E½) were measured for these complexes. Complexes were found to have 1:1 macrocyclic molecules to viologens stoichiometry.



Abdel Monem Rawashdeh.

Banan Malik Bani Ata.

Deeb Marji.

Shehadeh Mizyed .

JJC, 2018, 13(3), 159-170

Phytochemical, Anti-nutritional and Toxicity Assessment of Moringa Oleifera Seeds, Stem Bark and Leaves Using Brine Shrimp (Artemia  Salina) Assay



O. O. Oluwaniyi.

B.C Obi.





JJC, 2018, 13(3), 171-178

Asymmetric Direct Aldol Reaction Using Modified Hydroxyproline (Hyp) Derivatives



Lo’ay A. Al–Momani.




JJC, 2018, 13(3), 179-189

Synthesis and Characterization of CoΙΙ, NiΙΙ and CuΙΙ Complexes with Mixed Ligands of Histidine and Urea



Fathi M. Al-Azab,

Yasmin M. Jamil,

Mohammed. K. Al-Qadasy,

Maher A. Al-Maqtari

Amani A. Al-Gaadbi

JJC, 2018, 13(3), 191-202