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Volume 13, No. 2, June 2018, Shawwal 1439 H




Assessment of Film-Forming Agents in Water-Based Paints


Ajoke F. Apanpa-Qasim.

Adebola A. Adeyi.

Rashmi Dixit.


JJC, 2018, 13(2), 69-91

Effect of Thermal Treatment on the Catalytic Performance of Magnesium Oxide-Hydroxide Systems in Biodiesel Production from Jatropha Oil: Homogeneous versus Heterogeneous Catalytic



Hamzeh Telfah.

Sabri Mahmoud.

Ayman Hammoudeh

JJC, 2018, 13(2), 93-102

The Investigation of Natural Lake Pigments Prepared With a Mixture of Hemp (Datisca cannabina L.) and Weld (Reseda luteola L.)

Abstract: In this study, lake pigments (natural pigments) were prepared by adding KAl(SO4)2.12H2O (alum), FeSO4.7H2O and SnCl2.2H2O solutions to hemp (Datisca cannabina L.) and weld (Reseda luteola L.) dye plant extracts. Reversed - phase high- performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) with diode array detection (DAD) technique was utilized for the identification of natural dyes in the lake pigments. The dyes extraction from the lake pigments was carried out with a 37 % HCl/MeOH/H2O (2:1:1; v/v/v) mixture. The performed method was able to analyze and detect natural dyes, such as luteolin (5,7,3',4' - tetrahydroxyflavone), apigenin (5,7,4'-trihydroxyflavone), datiscetin (3,5,7,2'-tetrahydroxyflavone), chrysoeriol (5,7,3'-OMe,4'-flavone or 3'-methoxy derivative of luteolin), luteolin-7-O-glucoside and luteolin-3',7-di-O-glucoside present in the lake pigments and / or the plant extracts.


Ozan Deveoglu.

Emine Torgan.

Recep Karadag.

JJC, 2018, 13(2), 103-114

Tuning Ring Inversion and Internal Rotation in 

10-Substituted-9-Tert-Butylanthracenes: A Theoretical Study

Abstract: The energy of ring inversion and internal rotation in 10-substituted-9-tert-butylanthracenes have been calculated using B3LYP/cc-PVDZ level of theory for geometry optimizations and MP2/cc-PVTZ level for single-point calculations. A series of 19 derivatives were modeled with the aim of being able to control and tune the energy needed for inversion of anthracene fused rings. The relaxed potential energy surface PES for such butterfly-like ring inversion for a model compound has been also computed. Two factors; the size and electronic interaction of the substituents with the anthracene fused rings, are found to be equally important in determining the energy of ring inversion and internal rotation.


Wissam Helal.


JJC, 2018, 13(2), 115-122

Ecofriendly Synthesis of Biscoumarin Derivatives Catalyzed by Thiourea Dioxide -Nodified Magnetic Animal Bone Meal Nanoparticles as Catalyst in Water



Ahmad R.Momeni.

Jalal Albadi.

Sadegh Bakhtiar.

JJC, 2018, 13(2), 123-131

Synthesis, Characterization, and Quantum Chemical Study of New Biaryl backbone Ligands in Bis(Oxamato) Type Compounds

Abstract: A straightforward consecutive synthesis methodology for the preparation of two derivatives of bis (oxamato) type based on biarylbackbone compounds 2-4 is presented. All compounds were isolated and tested to be soluble in common organic solvents. Compound 2 was readily converted into its saponified form (namely 3) when treated with four equivalents of [nBu4N]OH and the subsequent addition of Pd (OAc)2. Compound 3 could be isolated smoothly from the reaction mixture as a fine brown solid. Treatment of 2 with an excess amount of methylamine in dry ethanol gave compound 4 as crystalline colorless material. The synthesized compounds 2 and 4 were characterized by IR-, NMR-spectroscopy, elemental analysis, mass spectroscopy and melting point. Density functional theory (DFT) calculations were carried out to correlate the structural features of compound 2.



Albara I.Alrawashdeh



JJC, 2018, 13(2), 133-140