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Volume 12, No. 3, September 2017, Muharram 1439 H




Investigation of the Ability of Graphene and Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes to Adsorb Pollutants: A Theoretical study


Pouya Karimi




 JJC, 2017, 12(3), 127-133


Application of Multivariate Data Analysis to the Determination of Multiclass Pesticide Residues in Fruits and Vegetables using Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry


 Lukman b. Abdulra’uf

 Idris M. Saeed

 Amudalat R. Lawal

 Guan H. Tan


JJC, 2017, 12(3), 135-146


Chemotaxonomy and Spectral Analysis (GC/MS and FT-IR) of Essential Oil Composition of Two Ocimum basilicum L. Varieties and their Morphological Characterization



Ahlam H. Ahmed

 Khaled Hussein

 Abdulkarem H. Alsyari

Hassan M.  Ibrahim

 Lebnane Altanobi


JJC, 2017, 12(3), 147-160

Levels of Pollutant Gases Emitted into the Atmosphere of Irbid City-Jordan from Vehicles that use 90-octane and 95-octane gasoline



Talal M. Al Momani

 Barakat Al Bataina

 Sameer Hamadneh


JJC, 2017, 12(3), 161-172

















Elemental Analysis of Ancient Pottery Shards from an Archaeological Site in Dedan (Al-Ula), Saudi Arabia, Using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry and Multivariate Statistical Analysis



Awad N. Albalwi

Ahmad H. Alghamdi

Omer A. Al-Dayel

Saud A. Alghamdi

Hicham Al-Nachawati

 JJC, 2017, 12(3), 173-187