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Volume 10, No. 3, September 2015, Dhu al-Hijjah  1436 H




Theoretical NMR study of the hydrogen bond and CH-π interactions in FH…Pyridine┴X-benzene complexes


Pouya Karimi,

Mahmoud Sanchooli,
Mansoureh Rakhshanipour

JJC, 2015, 10(3), 137-148

Recent Advances in Removing Nanowastes by The Cloud Point Extraction


 Nanosized pollutants are widely present in the aqueous environment. Since nanoparticles are widely used in various fields, they get transferred or enriched in wastewater. These nanomaterials (NM) are known as nanowaste because they adsorb heavy metals and organic pollutants and disperse them in the environment. Because of the extremely low concentration of NMs and the complex matrices in real environmental and biological samples, a separation step that not only can preconcentrate NMs but also preserve the size and shape of NMs is urgently needed. This step can be coupled with various detection and characterization techniques for tracking NMs in the environment. Recently, the cloud point extraction (CPE) with a commercially available and low cost surfactant (Triton X-114) was found to be generally applicable for the reversible concentration and separation of NMs from aqueous dispersion with the advantage of extracting analytes with no need for an organic solvent.


Roya Mohammadzadeh Kakhki


JJC, 2015, 10(3), 149-160

Theoretical Study of 3-Amino-1,2,4-Triazole and Its Protonated Analogue as Corrosion Inhibitors


                                        HOMO                                                               LUMO     


HOMO and LUMO of the non-protonated inhibitor molecule (using B3LYP/6-31++G (d, p)).



Fahimeh Shojaie


JJC, 2015, 10(3), 161-178

Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Antiinflammatory Activity of Some 1-(2,4-Dinitrophenyl) - 3-Aryl-7-(Substituted Benzylidene)-2,3,4,5,6,7-Hexahydro-1h-Indazoles



Abdrrahman S. Surur,
Yenus T. Mekonnen,
Rajasekhar K. Kumarachari,
Gollapinni Y. Kumar,
Singirisetty Triveni


JJC, 2015, 10(3), 179-186

Selective Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols into Carbonyl Compounds Promoted by Recyclable CuO-CeO2 nanocomposite in Aqueous Media




Jalal Albadi
Azam Mansournezhad

JJC, 2015, 10(3), 187-193

Influence of Different Heating Systems on the Bioavailable Fractions of Some Elements in House Dust

This study aims at investigating the influence of different heating systems generally used in Jordan on the levels of metal inorganic pollutants in house dust. Fifty samples from different houses in a rural region in Ajlune governorate (Jordan) were collected using commercial vacuum cleaners. All samples were sequentially extracted using the standard BCR (Community Bureau of Reference) procedure and analyzed by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES) for Al, As, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, P, Pb, Sr, V, Ti and Zn.



Idrees F. Al-Momani
Abdulrahman S. Attiyat
Rana M. Al-Momani


JJC, 2015, 10(3), 194-204