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 Authors presenting manuscripts for publication by this Journal (JJC) should comply with the following ethical guidelines, which require authors to:

  1. Submit an accurate presentation of the research work conducted, with sufficient detail and reference to relevant and authenticated sources of information to allow peers to repeat the research work presented, in addition to an objective discussion of the research significance. Manuscripts should be written in the past tense and in an impersonal style.

  2.  Cite published sources of information that are closely related to the research work presented, especially those that have influenced the course of the research work and would easily guide readers to refer to earlier works that are relevant to the understanding of what is reported in the manuscript.

  3. Include all co-authors who have made significant scientific contribution to the research work, and who share responsibility and accountability for the results, reported in the submitted manuscript. Submission by the corresponding author implies that a draft copy of the manuscript has been provided to all living co-authors who explicitly approved its co-authorship prior to submission for publication; the date of death of deceased co-authors should be indicated in a footnote. Other contributions, including major administrative assistance, may be indicated in a footnote or in an acknowledgment.

  4. Clearly identify all sources of information that have been quoted, or provided, except what is considered as common knowledge. Private information obtained through discussion, conversation, correspondence with third parties, or secured through confidential services, including refereeing manuscripts or grant applications, should not be reported without prior permission from those with whom information originated.

  5. Clearly report any uncommonly known hazards associated with chemicals, materials, equipment, tools, or experimental procedures used in the research work presented in the manuscript.

  6. Report a full account of any given aspect of a general research work without fragmentation into separate reports of the same aspect. Journal space is a precious and costly resource and, hence, should be wisely and economically used by authors reporting their research work in order to reduce cost and simplify subsequent literature search.

  7. Understand that submission of a manuscript implies that the research work has not been previously published except in the form of an abstract or part of a published lecture or academic thesis, is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere, and will not be published elsewhere in the same form in any language without a written consent of the publisher of JJC.

  8. Inform the Editor-in-Chief of any related manuscripts submitted by the author or co-authors to other journals that are being under consideration or in press; copies of these should be provided to the Editor-in-Chief with a covering letter indicating their relationship to the submitted manuscript.

  9. Report to the Editor-in-Chief any earlier published brief preliminary account (communication, letter, … etc) of the same research work expanded upon in the present manuscript; the earlier published preliminary account should also be clearly cited in the manuscript. Any research results pertaining to those reported in the manuscript that have been disclosed to the general public press or in an electronic database are considered equivalent to a preliminary communication..

  10. Report to the Editor-in-Chief any possible conflict of interest resulting from consulting, financial interest or contractual relations with a company or an organization that have interest in securing the confidentiality of the information reported in the manuscript, against publication, for intellectual proprietary considerations. Submission implies tacit or explicit approval by the responsible authorities where the research work was carried.

  11. Avoid personal criticism of other scientists under any circumstances. Criticism of the experimental or theoretical work of another scientist, whenever appropriate, must be presented in a specific research paper.

  12. Avoid making assertions in the manuscript or in rebuttal to reviewers’ comments that are not supported by scientific findings.

  13. Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication by JJC, authors will be asked to transfer copyright to JJC for the sole purpose of ensuring the widest possible dissemination of information. A Copyright Form is available and can be downloaded from the respective copyright hyperlink provided within the author index webpage of JJC